Canberra Comcare Lawyers

By Tom Maling

Commonwealth and ACT public servants are covered under the Comcare system for workplace injuries. At elringtons, we have the expertise and experience to assist people with Comcare claims, including:

  1. Initial claims
  2. Psychological injury claims
  3. Reconsiderations when Comcare denies a claim
  4. Reconsiderations when Comcare ceases entitlements
  5. Merits reviews at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  6. Federal Court Appeals

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Specialist Comcare Lawyers

Comcare claims are different to other workers compensation claims. This is not just because they involve a different piece of legislation. As Comcare is a government body, their decisions come under a branch of law call ‘administrative law’. This differs from ACT and NSW workers compensation systems where decisions are made by private insurance companies. Therefore you need lawyers with knowledge and experience in administrative law. We understand administrative decision making and use this to seek remedies for our clients where:

  • Comcare has failed to take into account relevant information when making a decision
  • Comcare takes into account irrelevant information when making a decision
  • Comcare makes a decision which is not based on evidence
  • Comcare incorrectly applies law when making a decision
  • Comcare makes a decision which is not the correct or preferable decision
  • Comcare fails to make a decision when they are required to

We understand the impact a workplace injury has on your life: physically, emotionally, and financially.  Matt Bridger’s experience enables him to provide expert and timely advice to assist injured workers.  He is assisted on Comcare matters by Tom Maling, who trained as a Registered Nurse and has worked in the ACT Government. Tom uses his health knowledge to understand your injury experience and government experience gives him particular insight on administrative law issues.

We have the expertise and experience to help you with your Comcare claim.

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