Reducing violence against women and their children

Media Release

The Government has released research into attitudes that can lead to violence against women.

The main research findings include:

  • from an early age, young people begin to believe there are reasons and situations that can make disrespectful behaviour acceptable
  • girls blame themselves, questioning whether the trigger for the behaviour is potentially their fault, rather than questioning the behaviour of the male
  • boys blame others, particularly the female, and deflect personal responsibility telling each other it was a bit of a joke – it didn’t mean anything
  • adults accept the behaviour when they say ‘it takes two to tango’ or ‘boys will be boys’
  • we think the cost of doing something is too high – as parents, we worry about embarrassing our child, or even ourselves. As teachers or coaches, we’re not sure how far to go
  • so without realising it, we make gender inequality and disrespectful behaviour acceptable.

The full report has been published by the Australian Dept of Social Services:

Research into attitudes that can lead to violence against women released

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