What to know before you buy a business!

When you buy a business, you are often doing much more than purchasing some business stock or equipment. You are placing yourself in the heart of a complicated network of business and legal relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, and many more.

Buying a business means not just transferring business assets, but ensuring that you are buying what you believe is required to continue the running of the business. This means that a comprehensive due diligence process is an absolute must before you commit to anything.

Some of the considerations to take into account in any purchase of a business include:

If you are buying a business, it is very important to only do so with quality professional advice from both your lawyer and your accountant. Elringtons’ Commercial Law team have assisted in the purchase of countless businesses ranging from small family-owned businesses right up to large commercial enterprises in both the ACT and NSW. Different complications and considerations arise apply to the various types of businesses. We can help guide you through this complicated legal process.

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