elringtons health law – specialist services for healthcare consumers

Health law is our passion and we love helping clients find a pathway through their health law issues.

We have inside knowledge about health and medical care which enable us to think differently about health law issues.  We use our knowledge to understand our client’s needs and to work with them to fight for their rights.

What is health law?

Health law covers things such as:

  • Health and medical treatment in hospitals and private practices
  • Professional standards for doctors, nurses and other health practitioners
  • Standards of care in nursing homes
  • Advanced care/health directives for people lacking capacity to make decisions
  • Choosing and refusing treatment, including at the end of life
  • Children’s health issues
  • Assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF
  • Approval of medications and therapeutic devices
  • Healthcare business

Unlike many other legal issues, health law issues often involve complex moral and ethical considerations effecting how the law is applied.

Our Services

In Canberra, Queanbeyan and Southern NSW, elringtons provides specialist services to healthcare consumers covering:

  1. Medical negligence
  2. Health directives
  3. Disputes about consenting to treatment
  4. Complaints about health practitioners
  5. Inadequate nursing home care, including negligence, battery and nursing home complaints
  6. Children’s health decisions
  7. Advice on assisted reproductive technologies and surrogacy
  8. Health business advice
  9. Health law updates for consumers

Our goals

  1. Provide outstanding services to our clients.
  2. Increase the community’s awareness on the role of the law in promoting high standards in healthcare.
  3. Increase the knowledge of consumers about legal issues relevant to their health and wellbeing needs.

For more information or to make an appointment in either our Canberra or Queanbeyan office please do not hesitate to contact Matthew Bridger or Thomas Maling:

p: +61 2 6206 1300 | e:  Info@elringtons.com.au