The NSW Law Society’s Specialist Accreditation Program

NSW Law Society Specialist AccreditionThe NSW Law Society’s Specialist Accreditation Program is designed to help you find the right lawyer.

Specialist Accreditation identifies, monitors and registers solicitors specialising in 13 areas of law. elringtons has three Accredited Specialists in fields of law ranging from Property Law to Family Law.

Only those solicitors who pass the Law Society’s tests can use the Specialist Accreditation logo. Each Accredited Specialist solicitor must have:

  • at least five years full time practice
  • at least three years work in the area of specialisation
  • passed exams in the area of specialisation.

This means that when you see the Law Society’s Specialist Accreditation logo, you know that you are working with someone with the right expertise and experience.

Accredited Specialists at elringtons:

David Walters
Accredited Specialist
Property Law
Matthew Bridger
Accredited Specialist
Carlos Turini
Accredited Specialist
Family Law