The NSW Law Society’s Specialist Accreditation Program

NSW Law Society Specialist Accredition

The NSW Law Society’s Specialist Accreditation Program is designed to help you find the right lawyer.

An Accredited Specialist is a lawyer who is recognised as being an expert in a particular area of law. elringtons has three Accredited Specialists in Property Law, Personal Injury and Family Law.

To become an Accredited Specialist the lawyer has to:

  • maintain a high degree of knowledge in their area of specialisation;
  • have the necessary practical experience;
  • pass a rigorous examination testing their technical legal knowledge, writing and practical interview and advocacy skills; and
  • undergo an interview by senior members of the legal profession who determine at the final stage of the examination process whether or not the lawyer should be awarded specialist accreditation status.

Only those lawyers who are determined to be true experts in their area of law by meeting the abovementioned requirements are allowed to use the Specialist Accreditation logo.

This means that when you see the Law Society’s Specialist Accreditation logo, you know that you are working with someone who has been determined to possess the necessary skill and expertise to help you achieve the best result.

Accredited Specialists at elringtons:

Carlos Turini
Accredited Specialist
Family Law
Matthew Bridger
Accredited Specialist
Personal injury
Shalini Sree
Accredited Specialist
Property Law