Accredited Specialists Personal Injury

A general guide to compensation

Each state and territory has its own laws that govern your right to compensation, and different types of mishaps are covered by a range of laws.

elringtons’ has over 50 years experience and specialist expertise in compensation claims for injuries suffered:
  • in catastrophic injury claims
  • as a result of a death, through a compensation to relatives claim
  • as a result of medical negligence
  • as a result of dental negligence
  • on public or private property
  • in a motor vehicle accident
  • at work.
If you are an injured person you may be able to gain compensation for both future and past:
  • loss of earnings
  • medical and related expenses
  • the care that others have provided to you

Our Personal Injury Lawyers have a proven track record for successful claims, we pride ourselves on our high quality of legal service and advice. Our skilled negotiators have excellent results in resolving disputes with the insurance companies. We have also taken our clients’ cases to the appeal courts and High Court. We are prepared to fight for our clients’ rights to fair compensation. Our Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law is Matthew Bridger. His accreditation was granted by the NSW Law Society in 2000.

How will a Personal Injury Solicitor help me?

Personal injury claims are usually unique to your situation. The only effective way to answer your questions is to make an appointment with one of our Personal Injury solicitors; they will be able to talk to you, learn the specifics of your injury and your situation and advise you accordingly. In general to have a valid claim the following will apply:

  • You have suffered an injury or damage (this may be physical or even psychological) or developed a disease or become ill.
  • Your current situation was the result of negligent actions or inactions by a third party such as an individual, a business, or a body such as a government department.
  • You will should be able to demonstrate that the third party acted negligently i.e. acted in a less than responsible manner than you might reasonably have expected and ‘but for’ that act or or omission of the third party you would not have suffered the damage you did .

In the first instance our solicitors will work with you discuss the possible outcomes of your compensation claim and how they see your matter would progress and possibly the time it will take. In addition we will try to provide a summary of the cost of preparing and presenting your compensation case. The summary will include our fees and other expenses (disbursements). Disbursements are things like barristers fees, medical reports and other costs necessary to present the claim. We will also discuss expenditures that may be recoverable from the other party.

Time Limits

There are strict time limits in place within which you must bring a claim. It is important that you seek independent legal advice at the earliest opportunity after your injury so that we may advise you about these limitation periods, the assessment process for claims in your state and to make sure your interests and rights are protected.

For more information or to make an appointment contact our Commercial Litigation and Compensation team:

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