Debt Recovery

elringtons provides a streamlined service for the collection of debts. We offer success in collection of the debts through:

  1. Letters of demand and Statutory Demands (if the debtor is a company).
  2. Negotiated settlements.
  3. Court action and winding-up proceedings.

Given the complexities in resolving a dispute, elringtons’ experience in both the ACT, NSW and Federal jurisdictions enables us to collect debts with minimum fuss and in a timely manner.

At elringtons, we offer the following fixed fee services (inclusive of GST):

  1. Initial client conference to obtain advice on debt recovery options
  2. Letter of demand to debtor and reporting to client
  3. Statutory Demand to debtor and reporting to client

If Court action is required, ongoing fees will be charged as agreed at that time. Please contact us for details.

For more information or to make an appointment contact our Commercial Litigation and Compensation team:

Matthew Bridger | e: | p: 02 6206 1300

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