Insurance Law

Elringtons Lawyers are experts in the field of insurance law. Most people take out insurance for a wide variety of things. These include:

  • Home and Contents – including public liability
  • Total and permanent disability and death cover
  • Life Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Income Protection & Superannuation

Businesses take out insurance to protect:

  • Business assets
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Business owners
  • Earnings

In most cases, people believe that as they hold insurance and they will able to rely on this if a claim ever has to be made. However insurance companies have a habit of denying liability for claims that are lodged with them for various reasons. At a time when you or your business is quite vulnerable you may find yourself in a dispute with your insurance company.

Elringtons Lawyers are experts in the field of insurance law and can help with legal advice on your claim, whether it be personal or business, for flood, injury, accident or other circumstances where you feel you have a claim against your insurance.

Please contact our Litigation and Dispute resolution services for more information or to make an appointment:

e: | p: +61 2 6206 1300

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