Local Government

elringtons has an excellent and longstanding track record of providing professional and timely services to rural and regional councils in New South Wales.  The breadth and diversity of experience of the elringtons team ensures we deliver legal services across a range of local government and administrative law areas.

Our experienced local government lawyers, provide advice in all areas of the law which impact upon Local Government and Council residents, including:
  • Council Planning Functions, including subdivisions, town planning, and wind farm development;
  • Tendering and procurement;
  • Environmental planning and development, including appeals to the Land and Environment Court;
  • Opening, closing and widening of roads;
  • “Paper Roads”, reserved Crown Roads, what are they? What are my rights?
  • Approval of strata plans;
  • Compulsory  and agreed acquisition of land;
  • Classification of land;
  • Zoning and permissible land uses under relevant planning controls;
    • What do current zones allow?
  • Existing use rights;
    • Placing of covenants on council land under the Conveyancing Act 1919;
    • Leasing and licensing of Council’s operational and community land
    • Employment, contractual management, work and safety workplace issues and insurance.
  • Easements and Restrictive covenants

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