Testimonials – Carlos Turini

Carlos is a fabulous lawyer and an even better man. My family law case was extremely difficult and complex including medical issues and disability among the children. Despite this, Carlos was able to help us navigate the way forward and we were able to come up with a pragmatic solution that suited all parties. Carlos has a wonderful manner and was always kind and understanding towards me and the complexities my children and I face. He really listened to the challenges I had and always tried to suggest feasible solutions in a very kindhearted way. His support and understanding through the process made it so much easier. He also went the extra mile, doing things like reaching out to his legal networks and searching for precedence that could apply to my (very unusual) case.

I highly recommend him to others, in fact, I have already recommended him to several friends. Carlos is a fabulous family lawyer and if you are in a situation where you have disability or medical issues that need to be considered as part of your family law case I believe that Carlos would be an especially great representative for you.


I want to thank Carlos for an outstanding job done on my family matter. Carlos is an experienced, honest, reliable lawyer who thinks outside the box, great communicator, warm and personable. Thanks to his support and advice we have achieved a great result.

Looking back I’m happy to have chosen Elringtons as there’s a variety of legal professionals working as a team, which makes it easy to finalize all things property, etc. Tenzing & Mitchell, a special thank you to you guys. Would recommend Elringtons to anyone who needs a reliable legal service.


Dear Carlos

We received the letter from the Supreme Court yesterday approving the adoption of H.

Thank you so much for your work on this Carlos, it has made a hugely positive and instant impact for all of us. You have been a delight to deal with and the process made simple and succinct by your professional approach.

Kind Regards


Dear Carlos,

You are a superstar.

Thank you.

Kind Regards


I will never be able to thank Anya, Carlos and their team enough. You are all compassionate, kind, honest, down to earth and so incredibly knowledgeable. Every step of the way you had it covered, you made the process of litigation not so daunting and have given me and my son the fresh start that we needed after some pretty tough and confronting experiences. I am forever grateful.


To Carlos, Gemma and my barrister

“You three are angels”

H. C.

“Hi Carlos,

I though the mediation session was very successful.

I came into the session not believing mediation would be possible however you focused solely on coming to an agreement rather than the bureaucratic side of things.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone should they need mediation.

Thanks again and kind regards“

K. W.

“Hi Carlos

You are superman!

“Thank you Carlos,

I have found you and Phoebe way more professional and detailed than anyone previous and this has given me great confidence that I am finally in good hands and you are both decent lawyers.”


Good morning Phoebe and Carlos

“I am the father of D.

I just wanted to pass on my sincerest gratitude to you both for not only the legal support but also the personal support during the recent AVO and custody issues she has been dealing with.

Being so far from your children, it is often difficult watching them stress and go through traumatic events that domestic issues can present. However, it is pleasing when you hear your daughter talk so positively of her legal team.

In my work I have seen many legal experts forget they are dealing with real people with real feelings and emotions, however from D’s daily contact I can sense you guys are different. “

G & D