Testimonials – Pheobe Ryan

Hi Phoebe,

“I’d just like to thank you for your dedication, efforts and amazing work today.  

Although, my mum didn’t receive what she was hoping for, a huge weight has now been lifted off her shoulders. At least she can finally move on and focus on the important things in her life.”


Good morning Phoebe and Carlos

“I am the father of D.

I just wanted to pass on my sincerest gratitude to you both for not only the legal support but also the personal support during the recent AVO and custody issues she has been dealing with.

Being so far from your children, it is often difficult watching them stress and go through traumatic events that domestic issues can present. However, it is pleasing when you hear your daughter talk so positively of her legal team.

In my work I have seen many legal experts forget they are dealing with real people with real feelings and emotions, however from D’s daily contact I can sense you guys are different. “

G & D

“Thank you Carlos,

I have found you and Phoebe way more professional and detailed than anyone previous and this has given me great confidence that I am finally in good hands and you are both decent lawyers.”