You don’t stay in business for over 125 years without caring deeply for people and the community you serve. 

At the core of our values is the belief in prioritising people above all else. Our emphasis lies in comprehending your unique circumstances to foster trust, working alongside you in a manner that alleviates stress, and providing you with the reassurance of a reliable partner to navigate you through your legal process.

Our vision & mission

How we work

We invest in relationships

We take the time to know you and your situation giving us a better understanding of how we can work with you.

A collaborative team of specialists

Sometimes legal matters don’t fit perfectly into one area of law. As a team of specialists we have the advantage of being able to draw together insights, knowledge and strategies from different legal perspectives to offer well informed advice.

Consistent clear communication

We never underestimate the power of effective communication.


You can rest assured that the advice we give our clients would be the same advice we would give our own families.

Who we help



Farming families and landholding groups

Not for profit organisations

Small to medium sized businesses

Large businesses

Local Government

Our history

We’re a story of innovation, commitment, skill, relationships, and loyal clients. Our journey from 1897 to today has been rich and vibrant. We are excited by the future.