Preparing for the Initial family law consultation

Before your first appointment, we suggest that you read our article: Ten Questions to Ask your Family Lawyer at the Initial Interview.

What to Expect from your free Initial consultation with a family lawyer

Answering the fear of the unknown

Clients often exhibit hesitation and nervousness during their initial interviews with family lawyers. The primary concern typically revolves around the fear of the unknown, including anxiety about the lawyer’s advice, the prospects of their case, the progression of the matter, and the potential costs involved.

Resolve family law problems

Generally, clients do not view their family law matters as opportunities for setting legal precedents. Instead, they prefer to avoid court and see their family law issues as problems to be resolved.

Gain clarity and reassurance about your case

It is observed that new clients tend to be more relaxed and assured by the end of the first interview. Whether the news is good, reassuring, or disappointing, clients often feel relieved after gaining some clarity about their situation.

Gain control no matter how challenging your case is

An essential step for clients before negotiating a settlement is to gather the necessary information and knowledge about their dispute. Once equipped with this knowledge, clients no longer see their family law matter as a runaway train. Even in the most challenging cases, there are often options available for damage control.

The vast majority of family law matters are resolved outside of court. While family lawyers are trained to litigate and sometimes do, experienced family lawyers typically resolve most disputes without going to court.