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Looking ahead for landlords

A retail or commercial lease is often for a very long period of time – typically several years. This means ...
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Construction Site

Will a Restrictive Covenant Prevent Your Development?

Quite possibly the answer is- no! The case of Harrington v Greenwood Grove Estate Pty Ltd [2011] NSWSC 833, is ...
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Buy a business

What to know before you buy a business!

When you buy a business, you are often doing much more than purchasing some business stock or equipment. You are ...
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Business plans

What you need to know about selling your business!

Selling a business can be a very complicated affair. You are doing much more than simply selling an asset - ...
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Digital Security

New privacy obligations – the data breach notification scheme

Privacy and protection of personal information is riding high in the public eye after a number of high-profile breaches over ...
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How can you protect your business from bullying, harassment and discrimination claims?

It should be standard practice for all business, big or small, to have policies in place that deal with workplace ...
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Parliament House to War Memorial

Health Check for Business Owners

All good businesses should review and renew regularly, to ensure that they are operating efficiently, cutting costs and maximising potential ...
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Business – What is your exit strategy?

Like sands through the hour glass, the eventual winding down of your business (or your role in your business) is ...
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Landlords, commercial fit-outs and the PPSA

The Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (“PPSA”) does not apply to real property, however, landlords must still consider its effects ...
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Back to Basics on Ownership Structures

Choosing the best ownership structure for your business requires consideration of the potential costs, duties, personal liability, and flexibility. Two ...
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Is the promotion worth it?

Is that coveted appointment to a position of non-executive director, or a promotion to non-equity partner, worth it?  You need ...
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Service Agreements & the long arm of the ATO

A service agreement is entered into when one party supplies a ‘service’ to another, as an alternative to employment. Common ...
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Is copyright protection sufficient for my new product?

Now you have developed a brand new product – and you are prudent enough to mark the product with the ...
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Protection of Intellectual Property as an Asset of your Business

Traditionally, the intangible value adding factors to a business, such as ideas, knowledge and innovations, were perceived as something so ...
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Preparing your Business for Sale

Two areas where a commercial lawyer can help you in preparing your business for sale: Pre-marketing preparation, and The sale ...
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signing contract

Employment Contracts

Business relationships, although not marriages, can be just as binding and intimate, and the extraction can be just as complicated ...
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Add Value to your Business

Notes from Business Fundamentals Series on Monday 27th August at The Q - Queanbeyan Performance Centre EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS Having loyal ...
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Self Managed Superannuation Fund Borrowing

As a Trustee of a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) you have many complex decisions to make in steering your ...
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Franchise Agreements – What to consider?

Entering into a franchise agreement should be undertaken with careful consideration.  Franchises offer an opportunity for everyday business people to ...
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Commercial leases and outgoings

In a commercial or retail lease, what does the landlord pay for and what does the tenant pay for with ...
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Business and Property Law

Elringtons provide a range of services to business and property owners in Canberra and Queanbeyan, and have built a reputation ...
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Employer’s rights

Is there such a thing or is the tide turning? Consider the following scenario.  A senior employee signs a two ...
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New year audit of your business

Business and property law elringtons has built a reputation over many years for assisting our clients grow and protect their ...
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