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What does PEXA mean for your ACT sale or purchase?

After a long transition period, the ACT has finally implemented PEXA as an optional settlement method for certain conveyancing transactions ...
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Buying and Borrowing through your SMSF

Are you looking to invest in property through your Self Managed Superannuation Fund? If so, there may be more involved ...
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ACT welcomes electronic property settlements

The ACT property industry and its homebuyers and sellers will soon benefit from digital property transactions. ACT joins Victoria, New ...
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Looking ahead for landlords

A retail or commercial lease is often for a very long period of time – typically several years. This means ...
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New Rules for NSW Off The Plan Contracts Started on 1 December 2019

The NSW government introduced new rules for off the plan contracts in December 2019. These new rules aim to improve ...
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What is home warranty insurance?

Building or buying a new home is one of the biggest (and exciting) investments many people will make. Because of ...
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Commercial Leases and COVID-19

Negotiating with your Landlord or Tenant For most businesses, your premises are your most significant asset. Commercial leases can represent ...
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COVID-19: Mandatory Code of Conduct for Commercial Leases

The Federal Cabinet has recently announced the implementation of a mandatory Code of Conduct for Commercial Leases. Each State and ...
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Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common?

By Annalyse Betts and Kerin Cotchett If you own property with someone else, there are two different ways in which ...
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Register PPS

Just what is the PPSR?

Today, 30 January 2019, is the seven-year anniversary of the Personal Property Security Register (or ‘PPSR’). In its short life, ...
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Renewable Energy – Solar Farms

Solar Farms The number of solar farms approved in NSW doubled in 2017 and more have been approved this year, ...
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Lake George Capital Wind Farm

Renewable Energy – Windfarms

Elringtons has the experience and special expertise to assist property owners and developers alike. Wind farms have the ability to ...
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Will a Restrictive Covenant Prevent Your Development?

Quite possibly the answer is- no! The case of Harrington v Greenwood Grove Estate Pty Ltd [2011] NSWSC 833, is ...
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Buy a business

What to know before you buy a business!

When you buy a business, you are often doing much more than purchasing some business stock or equipment. You are ...
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Business plans

What you need to know about selling your business!

Selling a business can be a very complicated affair. You are doing much more than simply selling an asset - ...
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Why your bank is making you see a lawyer!

By Mitch Evelyn The banks are under increasing scrutiny and stringent regulations these days to ensure that they practice responsible ...
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Trusts and Increased Taxes in NSW

by Rod Anthes "You might be Australian but is your Trust a deemed foreign person?" - If it is you ...
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How much do Retirement Villages really cost?

By Mitchell Evelyn Retirement Villages have recently received a lot of recent negative media attention following a recent joint investigation ...
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Development Management Agreements: a win-win for everybody

Do you currently have a substantial portion of your family’s wealth tied up in real property assets that are not ...
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Selling a House in NSW

Contract Preparation When you instruct us to act for you on the sale of your property, we will open a ...
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Preparing your Business for Sale

Two areas where a commercial lawyer can help you in preparing your business for sale: Pre-marketing preparation, and The sale ...
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Restrictive Covenants

Many purchasers find when they purchase land or an existing home that their solicitor emphasises the “Restrictions on Use” or ...
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Trusts constitute a flexible instrument in securing efficient distributions of income between beneficiaries and a discretionary trust may result in ...
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Buyer Beware at Auction

The New South Wales Supreme Court has confirmed that sellers are well protected when they decide to put their property ...
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Selling a Unit in the ACT

A general guide to help you understand the conveyancing process, for more information on your individual requirements please contact our ...
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Purchasing a House in NSW

If you choose elringtons as your conveyancing lawyers for the purchase of your house in NSW, we will safely guide ...
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Buying Off the Plan

Buying a property that is yet to be built or completed is often called an “off the plan” purchase.  That ...
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Easements for Dummies

An easement put simply, is a proprietary interest in somebody else’s land.  The most common forms of easements are rights ...
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Purchasing a House in the ACT

If you choose elringtons as your conveyancing lawyers for the purchase of your house in Canberra, we will safely guide ...
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Purchasing a Unit /Apartment in the ACT

If you choose elringtons as your conveyancing lawyers for the purchase of your apartment/townhouse in Canberra, we will safely guide ...
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Selling a House in the ACT

The legal formalities of selling a house in Canberra involve some strict protocols.  This article is a general guide for ...
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Commercial leases and outgoings

In a commercial or retail lease, what does the landlord pay for and what does the tenant pay for with ...
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Business and Property Law

Elringtons provide a range of services to business and property owners in Canberra and Queanbeyan, and have built a reputation ...
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Service Trusts – Handle With Care

Many professionals operate a service entity as part of their business structure. This is a sensible approach as these service ...
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Property Law – Asset Protection

Most family businesses are operated within complex structures such as family trusts or companies and often a combination of these ...
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Are Family Trusts Still Viable Asset Protection Vehicles?

You may need to reconsider aspects of the appointment of trustees in the use of family trusts as an asset ...
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