Wills and Estate Planning

Are your wishes for your estate clearly understood?

Planning your estate and its future distribution is one of the greatest acts of consideration that many of us contemplate. With an Estate Plan you have the comfort of knowing that your wishes regarding your estate are clearly spelled out and understood.
Many people are surprised to learn that estate planning encompasses much more than Wills. Estate planning involves not only asset distribution but may also include:

Choosing your executor who will carry out your directions
Succession for business arrangements
Consideration of previous relationships, defacto and blended families
Management of tax liabilities and probate
Arrangements for incapacity or illness

elringtons can help you with all areas of estate planning including:

  • estate planning and administration, including will preparation,
  • Estate disputes – including family provisions claims and will interpretation
  • liaison with accountants and other advisors to achieve the results you want
  • enduring powers of attorney
  • a living will
  • guardianship issues
  • grants of probate, Grants of Letters of Administration (in ACT and NSW)
  • interstate and international assets
  • testamentary Discretionary Trusts
  • inter vivos trusts
  • family provision advice
  • business and family wealth structures


Why should I make a will?

When should I change my will? – Is your current will an accurate reflection of your testamentary wishes?

What happens if I exclude someone from my will? – Can I leave a family member out of my will?

Where will my super go when I die? – Is my super covered by my will?

For more information or to make an appointment contact one of our Wills and Estate team:

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