What is an Employee Handbook?

The employee handbook is one of the most important documents designed for employees. It outlines and communicates a company’s culture, policies and expectations relating to behavior and performance in the workplace. If written well, an employee handbook can be used as an induction tool which clarifies the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employees.

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What to include in your employee handbook?

Ultimately, structure and content of the employee handbook is a matter for employers. However, please bear in mind that every employee is an individual with a different background and experience. The employee handbook should be clear on a company’s culture, policies and expectations, to get everybody on the same page.

To attract employees, the employee handbook should not only set company rules, it is desirable that it explains why those policies are in place, and what  the company’s vision and core values are.

In summary, here are some ideas of what to address in your employee handbook:

  • Welcome note;
  • Employer’s culture, vision and core values;
  • Code of conduct;
  • Workplace policies and procedures;
  • Hours of work, absence and leave;
  • Performance, training, and development;
  • Disciplinary procedures; and
  • Resignation and termination of employment.

Updating your employee handbook?

From time to time, your employee handbook will require an update. This could be due to internal changes in the company or due to changes in law. Therefore, we recommend including a provision in the employees’ contract that the employee handbook does not form part of the contract. That way, employers would be entitled to amend the policy at any time.

The employee handbook should be amended whenever required and any change to the employee handbook should be clearly communicated to the employees.

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