Women’s Health Claims – What are your rights?

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As part of Elringtons’ specialisation in Health and Medical Law we have extensive experience with claims relating specifically to female health. These medical negligence claims often involve general practice, surgery, gynaecology or obstetrics.

Routine female health procedures and cancer

Unfortunately, a routine procedure for a woman, such as a pap smear or breast check, can involve complications. In many cases, these complications arise due to a misdiagnosis relating to cervical cancer or breast cancer. We have acted for clients who have received an incorrect diagnosis and this has had a devastating impact on their life.

Female specific surgery and procedures

We have acted for clients who have had surgery that has gone wrong. This has included serious complications following a hysterectomy, and complications associated with procedures for endometriosis. We have also acted for women who have had other procedures, such as removal of appendix, where the complications have impacted their reproductive organs.

Contraception and device implantation

There has been a lot of publicity in recent years about complications associated with the implantation of certain devices, such as the adverse impacts on women who have had a mesh implant (for purposes such as contraception, urgency or incontinence).

There has also been concern raised around women who have had an Implanon or Mirena implant and have suffered extreme side effects. There has also been concern surrounding the permanent contraception implant, Essure. You can read more here:

Pregnancy and birth claims

Elringtons have acted in many claims arising from pregnancy and birth complications. These cases can be particularly devastating for the mother and family involved. We have acted in claims where there has been a failure to recognise or diagnose serious conditions during pregnancy, resulting in horrendous outcomes. We have also acted for mothers with claims associated with the birth, such as failure to repair a third degree perianal tear.

In some instances, medical negligence associated with pregnancy or birth can result in injuries and disabilities to the baby. The impact of the medical negligence can be permanent and lifelong. In cases like this, the claim is made for that baby or child, most often brought by the parent. 

You can read more about pregnancy and birth claims here.

Getting in touch with us   

We provide an initial free appointment for new clients, which can help us understand the nature of your claim, and help you decide if you would like to pursue the claim.

You will work with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers:

  • Gabby Bridger has worked with elringtons since 2014, has a background in psychology and has worked on a range of medical negligence claims, many of which have involved issues specific to female health.
  • Tom Maling is a former Registered Nurse with a strong interest in health and medical law, mental harm cases and general personal injury matters.
  • Matt Bridger is an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law and has over 25 years of experience representing people in personal injury claims.

To contact us or to make an appointment in either our Canberra or Queanbeyan office:

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