Medical Negligence Lawyers for South East NSW

Bega Hospital Sout Coast NSW

Elringtons is the only South East NSW personal injury law firm specialising in health and medical law, particularly medical negligence claims.

Even though we’re based in Queanbeyan and Canberra, we travel to all areas of South East NSW to see our clients, including:

  • Bega
  • Cooma
  • Merimbula
  • Eden
  • Bombala
  • Yass
  • Goulburn

Medical Negligence Claims and other Health and Medical Law Claims

Elringtons provides specialist services to South-East NSW covering:

  1. Medical negligence
  2. Assault and battery claims (treatment without consent)
  3. Nursing home abuse
  4. Personal injuries

Importantly, you don’t have to come to us (though you can if you like). We can come to you for an initial appointment (at no cost) to discuss your claim.

We’re a part of your community

We have been a South East NSW law firm since 1897. For many years we have acted for clients from Queanbeyan, Bega, Cooma, Merimbula, Eden, Bombala, Yass and Goulburn in personal injury claims, including medical negligence claims.

We have lawyers who have grown up in rural NSW and who still have strong ties to rural NSW, particularly the Far South Coast.

We regularly attend Bega, Cooma and other areas to see our clients. Often clients need to come to Canberra for medical treatment and are able to see us at the same time. Whether we come to you or you drop in and see us, we are easily accessible for all of our clients from South Eastern NSW.

Rural Health Expertise

We understand that geographical isolation can impact on access to health services by causing delays in having elective surgery or in accessing specialist treatment. However, isolation from health services does not mean that people in our region should get a lesser standard of care from doctors and health practitioners.

A significant issue which comes up in many of our matters, is a failure of a doctor to refer a person on for more specialist care, such as to a larger hospital or to a specialist. Being a rural firm, we know the duty of care that is expected of a rural doctor. Isolation from services is not an excuse for sub-standard care!

Having ties to Canberra, we have detailed knowledge of the specialist services in Canberra that doctors and health practitioners in South East NSW can refer people to. This understanding of health services, enables us to better assess claims involving delayed access to treatment and to advise our clients in a timely manner.

What is the point of a medical negligence claim?

The main thing is compensation. We can’t restore your good health and wellbeing (we wish we could), but we can get you compensation to make up for your losses and enable you to pay for your future treatment.

The types of compensation that may be awarded are:

  1. Previous lost wages for your time off work;
  2. If your injuries will affect your ability to work in the future, then your future lost wages;
  3. The cost of treatment, medications, disability aids and pain relief in the past and future;
  4. Care and assistance provided to you by family and friends;
  5. Pain and suffering; and
  6. Loss of enjoyment of life.

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Our Team

Matt Bridger and Tom Maling represent clients in medical negligence claims, personal injury claims and other health and medical law claims.

Matt is an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law and has over 25 years of experience representing people in medical negligence matters, including small claims right up to multimillion dollar catastrophic injury claims. He has great medical knowledge across a whole range of areas and has conducted cases in general surgical, birth and obstetrics, dental, orthopaedics, pharmacological and cardiology negligence.

Tom completed training as a Registered Nurse and has experience in hospitals and nursing homes. He has health law expertise, running medical negligence claims involving surgery, medication errors and pregnancy mismanagement. Tom also advises on nursing home mistreatment and abuse. He has drafted extensive submissions to the ACT Government on euthanasia laws. Tom grew up in Crookwell and now has close ties to the Bega district, marrying a local girl whose family all remain in the area.

For more information or to make an obligation free appointment, please do not hesitate to contact Matt Bridger or Tom Maling:

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