Commercial and Civil Litigation

Our commercial and civil litigation team consists of experienced lawyers specialising in amongst other things:

• Contract law
• Corporate law
• Building and constructions
• Alternative dispute resolution
• Property and leasing disputes
• Professional negligence
Insurance law

Our clients’ legal position is mostly evaluated at an initial stage and we then provide our clients with their best dispute resolution options. We believe that keeping our clients well informed from the very beginning and guiding them through each step in their matter is vital in ensuring that they are able to make informed decisions.

We focus on commercial, timely and cost-effective solutions, which are in the best interest of our clients. Thus, our focus is on achieving our clients’ desired results and avoiding lengthy and costly litigation processes wherever possible. In most cases an early result is a good result. However, we are not afraid to give a good fight when required to protect our clients’ interests.

Our experience has enabled us to develop strategies designed to resolve even the most complex of cases. Our aim is to always simplify these processes as much as possible, having in mind commercial objectives and our clients’ interest.

We have offices in NSW and the ACT. We have extensive experience in representing clients in various State jurisdictions, such as NSW, the ACT, Queensland and Commonwealth jurisdictions. Our clients range from individuals from all walks of life to small and medium businesses and big corporations. Our cost effective solutions further ensure that our clients receive value for their money.

The last and not the least, if English is not your first language there is a good chance we may have someone you can speak to in your native language.

For more information or to make an appointment contact:

Matthew Bridger

e: | p: 02 6206 1300