What documents will you need for your family law case?

If you have the documents available you will need photocopies of:

  • The marriage certificate;
  • Decree of divorce if available;
  • Pay slips;
  • Tax returns and tax assessments for the last three financial years;
  • A list of assets and liabilities including:
    • List of real property including:
      • Addresses
      • Title details if available;
      • Estimated values
    • List of all relevant bank, credit union and building societies accounts in the name of each of the parties including:
      • Account numbers;
      • Funds held;
    • List of shares in companies (public and private companies including:
      • Photocopies of certificates relating to the shares;
      • Company names;
      • In relation to private companies, the assets owned by the companies;
    • Details of all motor vehicles in each party’s name or private company’s name including make, model and red book value (available free in the internet)
    • Latest available statement for each super fund of which you and or your spouse is a member;
    • Each of the party’s interest in any partnership;
    • Each of the party’s interest in any business;
    • Each party’s interest in a trust or deceased estate;
    • Photocopies of latest available mortgage statements, credit card accounts statements, overdrafts, personal loans and any other liability

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